Coping with Criticism in Ministry: 7 Reminders

Ever feel like your being subtly humiliated or publicly tortured by some of your best friends and worst critics? Many have thought to themselves, “I am going to go work at the church, where people are nice,” only to be reminded that the church is full of human beings that have a natural tendency to view life with a critical eye. Sometimes we forget that we are all flawed.   A family pastor at the 2020 Texas Ministry Conference shared that, if we are honest with ourselves, we will have to admit our culture constantly submits to the urge to evaluate newsmakers, leaders and others in our lives. Whether it is coffee, barbequie or movie production standards, everyone is a critical snob about something or someone, and sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes it just sneaks in.   7 Reminders 1)    Criticism is UNAVOIDABLE Even when you are at your best, someone will find fault. Even with the Holy Spirit in our lives, some of us struggle with perfectionistic standards and viewpoints or we s
Read any good books lately? Once the virus-induced addictions to streaming video and nonstop television comas subside, it might be time to read a book about church communication and consider what your new normal might look like. These popular authors have crammed an assortment of ideas and true life stories in between these covers, and they will not disappoint! Surely a few of these nuggets of wisdom will inspire your staff to consider the potential of changing or adding something to make a huge difference in the lives of others going forward. On the Bright Side There are more eyeballs on social media right now than ever before. Is your church leveraging this opportunity to start conversations? To post encouraging verses that remind people that God is still on the throne? Offering a sermon archive available on demand? Discerning how to help those in desperate need? The world is motivated to find peace and truth in the chaos, so the church can actually BE the church outside t

20+ Free Church Communication Resources

WOW follow this link for some awesome freebies! Ways to Find & Tell Stories (pdf) 101 Social Media Posts (pdf) 2019 Communications Planner (pdf) Fall Festival Follow-Up (pdf) Fall Festival Graphics Pack (zip) Sermon Series Planner Bundle (zip) Sermon Series Planner - Companion Guide (pdf) Sermon Series Planner (pdf) About Us Page Web Template (zip) New Here Web Template (zip) Web Page Checklist (pdf) Volunteer Job Descriptions Templates (zip) 52 Ways to Thank Your Volunteers (pdf) Practical Guide for How to Take a Rest (pdf) Self-Care Guide (pdf) Connection / Communication Card Templates (zip) Communications Manual Template (zip) How to Make a Communications Manual and Style Guide (pdf) Creating Communications Priorities Worksheet (pdf) Easter Communications Checklist (pdf) Easter Social Graphics Pack (zip) Facebook Engagement Guide (pdf) Communications Budget Planning Guide (pdf)

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Ministry Messages Reaching Your Audiences?

Effective ministry marketing begins with understanding each audience. Not too long ago, people inside and outside the church respected what the church had to say. Today, there are at least five challenges that must be factored in as churches attempt to reach people of all walks of life in an impactful way. Today's goal is to build relationships that will, in turn, build trust and build the kingdom. Generally speaking, audiences today are: 1 ) authority-indifferent When communication is centered on meeting needs and meeting people where they are, they are more likely to pay attention. As they say, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Are your communications focused on the human need the church seeks to meet? 2) time-starved Cultural experts remind us that the battle for Americans' disposable time is even more pitched than the battle for their disposable income, so give them real news, real fast. Use quick text messages,

Website Checklist: 8 Reminders

While a perfect website is a pipe dream, there are certain best practices and trends that can set yours apart. Website design and content is truly critical, since it only takes .05 seconds for a web visitor to form an opinion. One bad experience, and web guests are likely to give up and not try again. To keep from losing web visitors make sure your church website covers these bases. Is your website: Current?  Nothing says "we don't care" about our church or nonprofit as outdated information; It literally screams 'neglect.' Optimized for mobile devices? Loading quickly? Reduce the image file sizes where possible, and investigate plugins and other tools to improve speed for this impatient culture. Branded with your color scheme? Think of the most popular coffee brand. Do you ever see any communication about this cult-like hangout spot in primary or pastel colors? No, always green and black. That consistency goes a long way to enhance a brand image. E

Easter and Mother's Day: Invite Others to Join You at Church

What is exciting about April 21 and May 12? They are excellent opportunities to invite friends and families to enjoy an extra special and significant Easter and Mother's Day with you at church! Imagine the crowd if all the 'regulars' told two friends. If you need some fresh ideas to make your big days even more meaningful, read the ideas below.  Here are some  Ways to Maximize Upcoming High Attendance Sundays