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Ministry Messages Reaching Your Audiences?

Effective ministry marketing begins with understanding each audience. Not too long ago, people inside and outside the church respected what the church had to say. Today, there are at least five challenges that must be factored in as churches attempt to reach people of all walks of life in an impactful way. Today's goal is to build relationships that will, in turn, build trust and build the kingdom. Generally speaking, audiences today are: 1 ) authority-indifferent When communication is centered on meeting needs and meeting people where they are, they are more likely to pay attention. As they say, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Are your communications focused on the human need the church seeks to meet? 2) time-starved Cultural experts remind us that the battle for Americans' disposable time is even more pitched than the battle for their disposable income, so give them real news, real fast. Use quick text messages,