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How to Tell Powerful StoriesTelling a powerful story is never an accident.
A story is one of the most effective tools we have to communicate a faith message that resonates with the heart. Jesus modeled the power of a parable throughout the Bible. A story with powerful impact always features: 1) a person, 2) a problem, and 3) a before and after scenario. Telling that story requires identifying it, capturing and editing it to include the right balance of detail to touch the emotions. The impact is almost always found in the details, but mismanaging those details (too many, too few for example) can kill the impact. It is important to research ahead and have an angle before you start. Perhaps your story will spotlight the impact a ministry had had on one of your members or one of your ministry partner beneficiaries. Consider specific questions before you interview them, and build them up by smiling and encouraging them to share their experience honestly for the benefit of others. When  yo…
Church Communication: Top 3 Priorities When time and money are slim, church leaders and volunteers should go deep, rather than wide, with their communications. In this link, church communication guru Brady Shearer shares the "importance rankings" of these tools: 1) website, 2) email and 3) Facebook. I'd recommend signing up for his daily video tips and visiting the Pro Church Tools website for an amazing amount of free insight that will boost your communications effort and help you find some timesaving short cuts.