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Website Checklist: 8 Reminders

While a perfect website is a pipe dream, there are certain best practices and trends that can set yours apart. Website design and content is truly critical, since it only takes .05 seconds for a web visitor to form an opinion. One bad experience, and web guests are likely to give up and not try again. To keep from losing web visitors make sure your church website covers these bases. Is your website: Current?  Nothing says "we don't care" about our church or nonprofit as outdated information; It literally screams 'neglect.' Optimized for mobile devices? Loading quickly? Reduce the image file sizes where possible, and investigate plugins and other tools to improve speed for this impatient culture. Branded with your color scheme? Think of the most popular coffee brand. Do you ever see any communication about this cult-like hangout spot in primary or pastel colors? No, always green and black. That consistency goes a long way to enhance a brand image. E