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Read any good books lately? Once the virus-induced addictions to streaming video and nonstop television comas subside, it might be time to read a book about church communication and consider what your new normal might look like. These popular authors have crammed an assortment of ideas and true life stories in between these covers, and they will not disappoint! Surely a few of these nuggets of wisdom will inspire your staff to consider the potential of changing or adding something to make a huge difference in the lives of others going forward. On the Bright Side There are more eyeballs on social media right now than ever before. Is your church leveraging this opportunity to start conversations? To post encouraging verses that remind people that God is still on the throne? Offering a sermon archive available on demand? Discerning how to help those in desperate need? The world is motivated to find peace and truth in the chaos, so the church can actually BE the church outside t