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Coping with Criticism in Ministry: 7 Reminders

Ever feel like your being subtly humiliated or publicly tortured by some of your best friends and worst critics? Many have thought to themselves, “I am going to go work at the church, where people are nice,” only to be reminded that the church is full of human beings that have a natural tendency to view life with a critical eye. Sometimes we forget that we are all flawed.   A family pastor at the 2020 Texas Ministry Conference shared that, if we are honest with ourselves, we will have to admit our culture constantly submits to the urge to evaluate newsmakers, leaders and others in our lives. Whether it is coffee, barbequie or movie production standards, everyone is a critical snob about something or someone, and sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes it just sneaks in.   7 Reminders 1)    Criticism is UNAVOIDABLE Even when you are at your best, someone will find fault. Even with the Holy Spirit in our lives, some of us struggle with perfectionistic standards and viewpoints or we s