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10 Tips for a Powerful Church Website Homepage

It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to form an opinion of a church website, so churches need to have all of the moving parts working together to engage their audiences. Here is a checklist to use when you audit your homepage from a guest's perspective: Headline: Most folks will read headlines and very little text, so make the prominent headline compelling. Focus on the visitor rather than the member. One example might be, " A safe place to explore your faith." Main Content: Does your text answer needs and prompt next steps? Are you providing service times, contact information, links to sermons, podcasts, social media as well as insight on beliefs, key staff and upcoming events? Social links:  Website usability studies demonstrate web visitors are greatly interested in social media links, so use this insight to cross promote your other communication forums---provided they are up to date and attractive! Contact info: To make it easy on the web guest, place