Social Media: New Content Ideas for Churches

Every church dreams of getting massive engagement on social media, but few know how to get there.  Regardless of what kind of business or organization you are, your goal on social is to get attention. Getting attention requires motivating your audience to "stop the scroll" and look at your content. Information "consumers" scroll mindlessly through endless information until something grabs them long enough to read it, watch it or click on it. What is your church posting that will do just that? The new trend in social media content breaks the previous rules of branding. The content that gets attention is unique. Unusual. Unpredictable. Another new strategy for social relates to the goal of taking the church to the audience rather than expecting them to come to the church. This is where most churches struggle. Most of the church content on social is advertising in-person events and activities. What if churches focused on helping people love God, love others and become God-followers? This is a colossal shift in thinking, but since church attendance is declining, it is a way to be the church for a colossally bigger audience. This might take the form of video or graphic sound bites from the sermon, questions that facilitate soul searching or content that promotes scriptural application. Some churches get attention by piggybacking on existing content from other brands via a share. Try this for a few weeks and see what happens.